Donald Trump may be the President of the United States of America, but he does not represent our values.


Dear Patriots,

Vets Against Trump is a diverse group consisting of United States veterans, military family members and supporters.

Our mission is to provide the opportunity for the veteran community to join together to both support and express concerns related to government sponsored initiatives that impact the lives of those that protect our country.

We meet this mission by providing current news, event information and an active Political Forum in a digital format and welcome like-minded individuals with a deep sense of service to, and gratitude for, our Country.

Vets Against Trump provides a wide range of information related to current domestic and global issues relevant to Veterans and encourages all of our members and affiliates to be responsive to these important issues.

Keep in mind that this platform is not a platform to attack our Commander in Chief. We are a source of important information that allows concerned citizens and veterans to express concerns/objections in a social forum with like minded individuals who represent an important segment of our Country.

Rex Powers

Vets Against Trump